Connect Women's Ministry

Upcoming Women's Events

About Connect Women

The purpose that drives this ministry is to create avenues of connection between women. It’s ALL inclusive, for ALL ages and walks of life. If you are a woman looking for a place to belong, connect with us! We’re here for you.

Ministry areas
Large events
One large event a year geared toward all ladies and community.

Fellowship events
Monthly get-togethers, such as movie night, girl’s night out at a restaurant or just something light and fun. Be sure to join Connect Women to stay in the know of our upcoming events!

Small groups
Based on interests expressed, we will be developing numerous diverse small groups that will meet the needs of many looking for a place to belong, serve and develop relationships.

Jesus developed his small group with people from all walks of life and though very different, they learned to love and trust each other with their very lives. Relationships hold us together during life’s challenges. That relationship, accountability, and intimacy a small group provides is the glue that holds us together in life’s challenges when, without that connection, it would be easier to walk away when things get tough.

A successful Women’s ministry will not only meet the needs of the body by ministering to each other but will overflow into the community around us.

Ministering to leadership
To have a healthy ministry, we need a strong core of leadership, and trust therein