Priorities: Part I-Put Away Idols


Sunday - 8 AM & 10 AM

May. 05

Text: Habakkuk 2:1-4.


As we wrap up our last three Sundays together, I want to share some things I believe I’ve earned the right to encourage you to keep as priorities moving forward into God’s desired and preferable future for you, this church. In today’s part I of the series, I admonish you: put away idols, because God’s vision for you doesn’t include them (see James 1:12-18).

Idol One: The Past. ______________________________________________

Idol Two: Individual Preferences. ___________________________________

Idol Three: Programs! ____________________________________________

Idol Four: Place. _________________________________________________

Idol Five: Passivity. ______________________________________________

Idol Six: The Pastor. _____________________________________________

Conclusion –

Put away idols, get your eyes on God, and keep them there! Because if you look around at the human behavior, you’ll be disgusted. If you look inside yourself for answers to life’s questions, you’ll be disillusioned. If you look longingly at the things of this world’s systems, your faith will be derailed. If you look only to the past for guidance, you’ll never reach your destiny. But if you’ll look upward toward the God of Heaven, you’ll be delighted because He never disappoints.

I pray the things I’ll share in this message series will provoke you to even greater love for and good works in Jesus Christ and help you keep Him your vision!