It is our desire to assist our church family and meet their needs in whatever way possible, and we consider it our privilege to help during times of crisis. We regret that you are in difficult circumstances and will take this opportunity to pray and seek God for a solution to this complicated season you are facing.

We take seriously our responsibilities as your home church to counsel, encourage and help where needed. We also feel a strong desire to please God in the way we use the resources He has entrusted to us. For these reasons, we try to fully investigate why the money is needed, what resources are available, and the manner rendered.

  • The person or family in need must attend and support Open Bible Church on a regular basis. There is a three month lookback minimum.
  • For those who do not attend, we support many of the para-church ministries and allow them to evaluate and disburse funds as they see fit. A list will be provided. In some cases we may help with transient needs in emergency situations.
  • The need must be a temporary emergency, due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • We require written documentation of need and/or copies of notices/bills in support of any financial requests.
  • Ongoing need and assistance may require financial counseling, which can be arranged through Pastor Brian.

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