Let's talk about life's biggest questions together over a meal

In a world of isolation, anonymity, and keyboard-warriors, Alpha creates a space for honest and open conversations about life’s biggest questions. Is there more to life than this? How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

New Quarter Begins September 6
You are invited to join us
Wednesdays @ 6:15-7:45 PM
September 6 – November 29

Every Alpha session has three key ingredients:    

  1. Food: Alpha is relational. Nothing builds relationships more like sharing a meal together.  
  2. Talk: Each week there is a talk (delivered in person or by video) that explores the basics of the Christian faith.   
  3. Discussion: After the talk is a time of discussion in small groups where guests can share their thoughts and questions.

Everyone is welcome to join and engage in life-changing, judgement free conversations.